February 25, 2024

The NFL Combine wrapped up this past week and we are now within 50 days until the 2019 NFL Draft. We Browns fans are in a much different spot than we’re used to. Not only are we picking all the way at 17, but we don’t need to worry about a quarterback! The Browns will look to continue to bolstering their defense in this upcoming draft and LSU cornerback Greedy Williams would help to build a lockdown secondary.

Williams is regarded by many to be the best cornerback in a star-studded defensive draft. The Browns need the defensive help after having the 30th ranked defense in the NFL this past season. Pairing Williams alongside Denzel Ward would be a match made in heaven for the Browns and an absolute nightmare for opposing offenses.

Williams’ strenghts far outway his flaws and that is one of the most appealing things about him. By far his most dominant trait is his ball skills; Williams is the definition of a “ball-hawk,” leading the SEC in interceptions during the 2017 season with six. His long frame, Williams stands at 6’3′, and quick feet made him a nightmare for opposing offenses. His height and length helped tremendously in battling for positioning on route stems. Expect that to translate well into the NFL.

To go along with his size, Williams also has the speed to keep up with anyone in the NFL. Despite having to end his time at the combine early due to cramps, Williams was able to get in the 40-yard dash and boy did he deliver. Williams clocked in at 4.37 seconds, the second fastest amongst corners and ninth fastest over all positions. Speed is one thing that cannot be taught and luckily for whichever team drafts him Williams has plenty.

Of course, like every prospect, Williams does have his flaws. The two most major being his tackling and run support. Williams relies heavily on ankle tackles and struggled mightily making tackles in open space. This is partially due to Williams being very thin, weighing in at 182. He’ll need to gain 15-20 pounds as he makes the transition into the NFL. In terms of run support, he plays very passively. He doesn’t like to line up directly over the line of scrimmage and will often hang back and wait out having to make a tackle.

Overall, Greedy Williams is in incredibly appealing prospect and for great reasons. His length, speed and ball skills will make him a nightmare for wide receivers lining up against him. If the Browns walk away from the first round with Williams as their 17th pick, Browns fans should be very happy and thrilled to watch Ward and Williams make a dominant cornerback duo.

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