Hey, Cleveland. As we move closer to the draft, we at CST are looking at some great prospects who can help our Browns become even better. Being the gentle and sentimental sort, I also am looking at players I wish could be ours, but ultimately will land somewhere else. One such player is former Ohio State University Buckeye standout, Nick Bosa.

Nick Bosa’s Twitter handle is @nbsmallerbear after his older brother Joey’s @jbbigbear, a nice tip of the cap from one sibling to another as well as one former Ohio State pass-rushing great to another.

But @nbsmallerbear could not be any less accurate to describing Nick, at 6’4, 262 lbs. He is an intimidating presence to offensive lineman lined up against him, elusive, tricky and powerful Nick Bosa wreaked havoc in almost three years as a Buckeye racking up 17 sacks and 47 solo tackles.

Nick was sidelined with a “core muscle injury” after Ohio State’s victory of TCU in Week 3 of the 2018 season and required surgery in which time he decided to voluntarily leave the Buckeye’s football program to begin rehabilitation and prep for the 2019 NFL Draft.

Despite not finishing his junior year on the football field, Bosa is considered a lock for a top-five selection in the NFL Draft, some even saying he could end up being the #1 overall pick by the Arizona Cardinals although the majority opinion is that he will likely be drafted #2 overall by the San Francisco 49ers, adding to their already youthful D-Line.

While it is safe to presume that Nick Bosa will only visit the Dawg Pound as a player for the opposition, I can’t help but imagine him in orange and brown tearing up other teams alongside our formidable defensive players.

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