On June 21st, the Cleveland Cavaliers will be tasked with a very difficult decision. Should the Cavs keep their pick or should try and trade the pick in order to acquire an already proven superstar.

The Cavs have been quite busy doing workouts with potential draftees and management will be working non-stop until the night of the draft. One of the prospects that they will more than likely set their sights on will be Michael Porter Jr.

Porter is a Missouri product that had his eyes on the prize entering his freshman year at Missouri, but encountered back problems that plagued his freshman year. He declared for the NBA even after only playing three games.

There are a ton of players that are being used as a comparison to describe the game of Porter and the biggest of which is a player that was just recently drafted. Some say that Porter Jr. is a bigger and stronger version of Lakers starting small forward Brandon Ingram. Ingram has insane athleticism, something that Porter Jr. also has in his bag of tricks.

Another player he has been compared to, one that Cleveland fans would be familiar with is Andrew Wiggins. Wiggins has the great athletic talents but still lacks a shooting touch. Porter Jr. is taller than Wiggins and can defend slightly better. Wiggins was rated the worst defender in the league last season.

Porter Jr. has been rumored to land around where the Cavs have their pick in the draft, but there’s a decent chance that he might go earlier in the draft if there’s a team willing to take a chance on the young man that only played 53 minutes in 2018.

Many were clamoring about Porter Jr. before he got to college and many figured that if you were able to go to the NBA from high school that he probably would have done that. However, with his back problems, he has seen his draft stock fall horribly and he’s not figured to be a top-5 pick anymore. This works out to be a great thing for the Cavaliers as they may be able to scoop up the biggest prospect in the draft due to some favorable circumstances.

Now, while we are unable to fully understand how well Porter’s game transitioned to college, we can see that he is a freak athlete that has some room to improve in the shooting game, if he were to play power forward he would definitely have a height advantage over almost every matchup that he would encounter due to the freakish 6 foot 10 inch body.

Image: ESPN

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