Draft Profile: Collin Sexton

Only one week away from the NBA draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers have started doing workouts with the potential players they may take with their pick.

Collin Sexton was the first player reported to have worked out with the Wine and Gold; he has been projected to land in the draft as early as the Cavs’ pick and as late as the 13 pick.

Sexton has drawn comparisons to players like Eric Bledsoe, mostly for the explosion the players possess and the overall work ethic and effort shown on the court. He’s also been compared to John Wall, however, Sexton is not as much of a playmaker as Wall was in college and still is in the NBA.

Sexton is a pure scorer and averaged over 19 points a game and even helped his team stay in the game when Alabama had players ejected and the Crimson Tide were down to only three players on the team. Sexton would not be the answer immediately for the Cavaliers. He is once again a point guard for the Cavs that would not be the answer in terms of facilitating for the team. He may have to start doing that if LeBron James were to leave.

Sexton is known for his ability to explode to the rim and that can be easy to do in college, but it will be interesting how he holds up playing in that same style at the NBA level. Sexton comes in at 6’3″ tall and weighs around 190 pounds, which is taller than the average point guard.

Cleveland has not been in the news lately trying out other players, but it’s obvious that they will bring in more players as they get closer to the draft. Cleveland could take Sexton or they could take someone else or they could straight up trade the pick for an already proven superstar.

While the Cavs don’t need Sexton to contend next season, I can’t really see what Sexton would bring to the team against the more experienced teams, but if James were to leave soon, Sexton would be a good building block to start with the life after James.

Image: ESPN

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