Well, Browns fans, the most wonderful time of the year is back upon us again, mock draft season! Of course, as we all know, this is the most interesting and fun time of the year for us Browns faithful and this year, in particular. The Browns currently have two picks in the top five of this draft and under the direction of new General Manager, John Dorsey, many believe that this could be the draft that turns the Browns around. Here at CST, we have many very talented and passionate mock draft junkies. Here for you is the first of many mock drafts being done here by the CST team. This is our official post-Super Bowl mock draft; expect much more to come as we get closer to the April 26th Draft!

The format of our draft is simple. A collection of five writers are each adopting these pick over the next couple of weeks. Each pick will have the writers’ Twitter handle to help illustrate which writer is making that selection. We will follow and study these teams and prospects. Allowing us to continue to grow with the ever-changing NFL off-season. Follow along as these mock drafts continue to develop.

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  1. Cleveland Browns, Sam Darnold, QB, USC


It’s no secret that Cleveland needs a franchise QB and now they get one. Darnold needs to clean up some areas, but he has the height, the arm and the passion to compete in this league. Although he should sit year one, he is capable of being the Day 1 starter. This could be that start of turning things around for the Browns.

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