April 20, 2024

It’s Draft Day for the NBA and while it’s really not that exciting of a time for the Cavaliers. The team only picks once in the 2nd round (49th overall) after trading the first-round pick. It was a 2022 trade that sent their 2023 first-rounder to the Indiana Pacers in exchange for Caris LeVert.

Anyway, way back in 2003 my late grandfather whom we called Poppa Larry tried to get into basketball for his little grandson (me). I was about six at the time and this story still resonates with me all of these years later.

Poppa Larry saw the highlights for prospect LeBron James who was just in high school at the time. As he saw them, he took note of the superstar. When talking to me about the young prospect, he always pronounced his name as “James Lamar” and not his actual name, LeBron James.

All of these years later, this has always been a funny memory for me. It was nice of him to try and care about sports even though he completely messed up his name.

LeBron did so much for this team and this city and through good times and bad he followed through on his promise of winning a championship for Cleveland in 2016.

Back in the early 2000’s the hype was certainly there for LeBron and it even drew the attention of those grandfathers that had very little interest in basketball. Sure, he messed up the name, but he was so great about so much else the list would go on and on.

Today, we still joke about the James Lamar/LeBron James mess up. Remembering just how wonderful a poppa that we did have for all of those years until he, unfortunately, passed away.

Myself with Poppa Larry

The lesson here is that effort from people should always be taken into account. Sure, the name was wrong, but it was the care that was there and made it all so special.

Who knows…maybe someday there will be a player named James Lamar that ends up in the NBA. How funny would that be?

We’ll have to see if the Cavs end up making any moves tonight by trading up into the first round of the draft or even higher up in the second round. Follow our Twitter for all of the updates tonight!

James Lamar, LeBron James or whatever your name is honestly. Thanks for the title in 2016 and let’s hope for more in the coming years starting with building in this draft!

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