Dr. Brandon Bowers Joins The Team

Updated: August 2, 2017

Cleveland, Ohio – August 2, 2017 –

Hey, fans! We’ve got some more exciting news coming your way…drum roooolllll please…

The CST team has a really awesome new addition and we are sooooo excited to share the news with you…

This month, Brandon Bowers, a doctor of physical therapy, has joined the CST team!! On his own, Dr. Bowers has been writing injury analysis articles and they are really, really good. We are stoked to add him to the team and cannot wait to see his first CST article!

A note from Dr. Bowers himself: “I want CST fans to feel free to reach out to me on Twitter with any sports injury related questions.” Fans – make sure to follow him: @blbowers12 so he can answer all your questions!

Welcome aboard, Dr. Bowers!

Brandon’s bio:

Brandon Bowers is a doctor of physical therapy currently practicing in New Albany, Ohio for Athletico Physical Therapy. Dr. Bowers is also a lifelong Cleveland sports fan.

He completed his undergraduate studies at Siena Heights University in Adrian, Michigan and completed his doctoral work at the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio.

Dr. Bowers treats patients of all ages, populations and diagnoses. He has a passion for working with athletes and enjoys helping his patients return to playing the sports they love.

Dr. Bowers joined Cleveland Sports Talk in August of 2017 as an injury expert and analyst. He enjoys taking the time to inform Cleveland sports fans about the injuries that plague their favorite athletes. He also likes to enlighten them on the details that accompany each injury. Dr. Bowers aims to explain injuries as well as discuss the surgical/rehab process and how injuries impact the Indians, Browns and Cavs.

The content he provides involves an in depth explanation of the injuries incurred by Cleveland athletes and also includes explanations of key medical terminology, anatomy and mechanism of injury. Furthermore, Dr. Bowers offers insight into the long term impact injuries will have on players and the success of their teams going forward.

Dr. Brandon Bowers is excited to join the CST team and is looking forward to combining his profession and area of expertise with his passion for Cleveland sports.



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