I think fans here in Cleveland are very disappointed in this whole quarterback Deshaun Watson situation. The pass thrower is going to be out a second consecutive week and it’s looking like it’s the next of many with this shoulder injury.

Former Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield had his success here in Cleveland. He actually led the team to the playoffs in 2010 beating the Steelers by a score of 48-37. The team ended up losing in the following round to the Chiefs 22-17.

In 2021, the Browns finished the season with an 8-9 record, third in the AFC North and did not make the playoffs.

People are citing the year Baker is having quarterback for the Buccaneers. Going 3-1 so far with much more success than here in Cleveland. Yes, Baker has played well and fans are salty.

Look, I am questioning Watson’s toughness as the quarterback just like every other fan here in Cleveland is these days. Even so, this is not the time to pull the “Baker Card” and claim that having him at quarterback would result in a plethora of success instead of Deshaun.

The reason the Browns traded Baker to the Panthers in the first place was because he was absolutely terrible in his final season with Cleveland. Know how when a show has “Jumped The Shark.” Well, that’s what happened with Baker.

The quarterback has played for Carolina, Los Angeles and finally Tampa Bay this year. Fans will cite that Baker was tough in Cleveland and played through an injury with a shoulder fracture and torn labrum.

Congrats, the team didn’t come close to the playoffs and it’s a matter of winning games over being tough.

Well, what about Deshaun?

The reason fans are upset with this quarterback is because of a lack of toughness. Even so, if the quarterback did play and lost a bunch of games as well, the criticism would be there too.

What fans want is a quarterback that stays healthy and wins games. What fans are getting is quarterbacks that get hurt, lose games, don’t make the playoffs and the thought of contending for a Super Bowl is laughable these days.

This upcoming matchup against the 5-0 49ers has the Browns literally starting an XFL quarterback in PJ Walker. Yikes. Prepare yourselves for an ugly game in Cleveland.

Baker was recently quoted…

‘On ESPN’s The Pat McAfee Show, Mayfield said that he isn’t sure why he isn’t Cleveland’s quarterback anymore. “I think I’m still confused too,” Mayfield said on why he isn’t with the Browns to McAfee.’ – USA Today

Uh, you sucked bro. That’s why. Congrats on your brief success after hopping around all of these teams.

Browns fans. Don’t do it. Don’t pull the “Baker Card” even through these tumultuous times. It’ll do you no good. Instead, buy some beer, get some pizza and try and enjoy what will likely be a miserable Sunday.

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