The term “Sunday Funday” was not in the Browns vocabulary after their second loss to the Steelers on Sunday. Not only was it a frustrating blow to them, but they are still negative on wins at Heinz field for the last 17 games played there.

The Browns need to stay healthy for the next half of the season if they want to be successful in the postseason. Baker Mayfield, who was questionable up until Sunday because of his rib injury, will need to be careful in the next game against Las Vegas.

So what does the rest of the season hold for Cleveland and can the Browns bring home “the bacon” this year?

As it looks now, the Browns are in 3rd place in their division. That being said, they have more than an amazing record under their belt.

Remember when they started 4-2 before?

Me either.

Just because they had a rough Sunday does not mean that they are done.

If you look ahead to the next five games, only one team is doing better than the Browns with a record of 5-0. That team is the Tennessee Titans. All the other teams are either in the negatives or just a fraction over .500. These next five games are very critical for the last final push at the end of the season and will lead up to a very important matchup against the Ravens on December 14th.

Why is this game so important?

Because if the Browns can contain Lamar Jackson and the high-flying Ravens offense and win the game against one of the best teams in the league on both sides of the ball, then there is a real chance that the Lombardi might be coming home to Cleveland, where it has belonged all along.

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