Don’t Overreact to the Wade Scenario


There has been a unique stir after Dwyane Wade, the current (and possibly former) Miami Heat star, was seen as a possible candidate for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2015-16 season. He would essentially have to take a huge pay cut (As the Cavs can truly only offer the MLE), or be acquired via a sign and trade including Brendan Haywood. This is a story and a tale for another day however.

The true story rests in the actions of Wade (and others) that seem to make the basketball world believe there is genuine interest from Wade in joining his best friend, Lebron James, on the Cleveland Cavaliers in the hunt for an NBA title.

Wade apparently followed the Cleveland Cavaliers on Instagram. The story behind this? Well there is not a genuine story behind this. Many people were led to believe he does not follow the Miami Heat as well, but well this is not the truth. He absolutely and totally follows the Heat and why would he not? This is a non-story, yet people are over-analyzing.

The next thing that happened was his wife apparently favorited a tweet stating that Wade should essentially go to the Cavs.


Wade’s wife, Gabrielle Union, favorited this tweet and many freaked out. Again, this is another non-story because of the fact that this tweet is simply saying the Heat just need to pay up for the sacrifices done by Wade for the Miami Heat organization.

The most recent story is the most unique and telling story. It involves Wade’s father, Dwyane Wade Sr., being seen wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers shirt. It is legitimate as well, before you all question this:


Interesting is it not?

Yet, as much as people freaked out to everything Wade has done before this. There are a few thoughts I saw in this overall.

The first thought I had was when I saw this is that it genuinely meant there was a legitimate chance Wade would be a Cavalier. I still find this thought to be legitimate, but not in the same way as people might think. Wade, much like Lebron and other experienced NBA players are businessmen first. Wade may have had his dad do this in some super elaborate scheme to have the Heat bow to him and pay him or even did it to have Heat fans freak out and want him back more.

The more likely scenario is that Wade has literally nothing to do with his father wearing this shirt overall. Wade’s father may honestly be a Cavaliers fan, or more likely a Lebron James fan. Some fans may forget but Wade and Lebron are genuinely best friends, and thus Lebron clearly at one point had genuine contact with Wade’s dad. Wade Sr. likely roots for Lebron and the Cavs, and thus owns the shirt and decided to wear it.

Do I think Wade to Cleveland is impossible?

Not at all, but to say it isn’t unlikely is an incorrect statement. Wade would most likely have to take a super pay cut, which honestly I do not see happening.

People simply need to stop over-analyzing every single little thing. We plain and simple do not know what happens in the backround and behind the scenes in the NBA, so we only assume what we see is the truth overall.

All I know is for now, today, Dwyane Wade is a member of the Miami Heat with a player option for the 2015-16 season. Nothing better more overall.

As always,

Go Cavs!




-Tyler Meitin

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