Don’t Listen to Any National Predictions

I’ve never been a huge fan of the national sports media and that’s no exception when it comes to these NBA Finals. It appears that everyone has already counted LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers out even before the series has started. It’s the same thing that happened last year and the Cavs defied all odds and came back from down 3-1 to win a Game 7 on the road, again, against all odds.

These days, I don’t know what these people have been watching. Minus a few quarters against the Celtics, it’s been some of the best Cavaliers basketball I’ve ever watched. Of course, the Warriors have played just as well but their competition isn’t any better than what the Cavs faced.

How is it possible to judge how two teams will play against each other in the NBA Finals without actually just letting it play out? Sure, the two split the season series at one game apiece. But that’s regular season basketball and it really doesn’t carry much weight.

I believe these finals are a toss up, 50/50 split. One team doesn’t have much of an advantage against the other and if they do it all evens out in some category.

In some places, I’ve read the Warriors are 70% favorites to win the series! On what grounds? Watching them beat up on lesser talent while the Cavs do the same thing in the East? That is, frankly, very ridiculous.

The national media is horribly biased and will never favor a team that LeBron James is leading. That’s been a theme throughout his entire career. Let’s just hope ESPN’s loudmouth Stephen A. Smith picks the Warriors because he’s been wrong about the winner of the finals the last six years. Oh, but he’s an expert!

Don’t spend your time getting worried sick by scrolling through ESPN and other sites, seeing all the bias that they have. They have no idea who is going to win and neither do their number crunchers.

Read CST where we will hype up the Cavs up the entire time leading up until what shapes up to be a great NBA Finals. Let’s get ready for Game 1….

*Rolls Eyes*


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