Don’t Feel Bad About Being A Johnny Fan


Two weeks into the Browns season, and the hype in this town is absolutely crazy. After a come-from-behind win against the talented New Orleans Saints (that avenged a week one loss in Pittsburgh), finally HOPE is here in C-Town. We’re truly a town that’s dealt with countless years of poorly fabricated football on every level possible, but we’re actually starting to see the wheels turn en route to something great. Sure it’s only been two games, one resulting in a W. However, every great team doesn’t just magically form. It starts somewhere. It’s built. It’s grown. THEN it thrives.

A big portion of the reason why the Browns are having such success is because of starting quarterback Brian Hoyer. Yes, that same guy that a good portion of us wanted to see only sitting on the bench this season. Yes, that same guy that struggled mightily throughout the preseason. Yes, that same guy that was dubbed a “career backup.” with “no hope to start on an NFL team.”

I was a Johnny Manziel fan from the second Browns GM Ray Farmer drafted him. I lived the hype, did the signature money sign an obnoxious amount of times, and absolutely loved the attention the Browns got for it. His college performance, achievements, and abilities couldn’t be overlooked. I wanted him to start, run around the field like a maniac, making defenders go crazy. Johnny Manziel was the man that was going to be the Browns savior, leading us to the promise land.

But it wasn’t meant to be, as of now.

Brian Hoyer was elected to be the starting quarterback after what turned out to be an embarrassing and very disheartening quarterback competition. That pushed aside, he was the man destined to carry the Browns here in 2014.

After his early season success, I beg for you to not feel bad about hating on Brian Hoyer. Sure, we overlooked his success last season in the two games he won for the Browns before getting hurt, but his preseason performance made him seem like a different guy. He didn’t show any signs of starting quarterback material. He didn’t make the right throws, the right reads, and he truthfully made it seemed as if he was trying to be the backup. Ouch, ok maybe not that extreme.

So as AWESOME as this regular season has been thus far, it’s been just as SURPRISING as well.

Thus far, Brian Hoyer hasn’t been perfect but he’s made all the throws that have needed to be made. He is poised, cool, calm, and collected in the pocket. He hasn’t thrown any interceptions, and really has made a sub-par receiving core look nothing short of solid. Oh, and that game winning miracle drive was nothing short of godly.

Brian Hoyer was indeed the right choice, and I’m glad it wasn’t our responsibility to decide whom to start. We would’ve chosen Johnny, and who knows what would’ve happened.

As Johnny Manziel sits on the sideline, it’s clear that he will one day get his chance to shine. If he doesn’t, that means Brian Hoyer is doing a very good job at quarterback, and the Browns are a winning team anyways. After all, that’s the main goal.

So cheer for the Browns, cheer for Brian Hoyer, but just remember that it was ok to not to want him at quarterback.

-Zach Shafron

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