Don’t Crown a Champion Just Yet


At the beginning of the year, most baseball experts believed just like the past 3 years, the Detroit Tigers would run away with the AL Central division crown. Most experts thought that this wouldn’t even be a race, that the other teams didn’t even have a shot at all. Well, it looks that way in the beginning so far.

Last week, the Minnesota Twins were in 2nd place, they were just 7.0 GB of the leading Tigers. Detroit caught fire since the beginning, having the best record in baseball coming into Monday.  They were 1st in the AL with a .277 team batting average.  They were 2nd in the AL in slugging percentage. The Tigers were one of the best teams in baseball, if not the best. The Indians just got done getting outscored 30-6 in a 3 game sweep against the Oakland A’s. They had been playing unwatchable baseball, and most didn’t think the Tigers series would be much different than the Oakland series.

On Monday, the Indians were sitting 10.5 GB of the Tigers, and sat at the cellar of the Central division.  Most baseball experts thought this race was over, considering the Tigers had such a big lead. After 3 great baseball games, and today one of the best baseball games we will see all year, the Indians swept the Tigers. Now we might have a little division race on our hands. The Indians sit only 7.5 GB which is a lot better than 13.5 and 12.5 GB. The Indians deserve some credit.

They went out and beat 2 of the best pitchers in baseball, one being the reigning AL Cy Young award winner. This series really emphasizes that it isn’t over till it’s over. Don’t crown the Tigers the champions of this division just yet. In September, this will be one of those series that we look back on and say “Wow this is where we turned the tide.”

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