Well, this current season isn’t even over despite the Cleveland Cavaliers being eliminated by the Boston Celtics in the second round, 4-1. The stories are all over the place about superstar Donovan Mitchell and his future with the Cavs. Additionally, rumors are everywhere about head coach JB Bickerstaff and other players such as Darius Garland and what he wants.

I think back to the 2010 offseason and a certain LeBron James (remember that guy?) who completely ruined my life with his choice to leave Cleveland for Miami in “The Decision.” What’s crazy is that LeBron is very much in the discussion for a potential “third term” in Cleveland coming up in the future. Yet another rumor…

Sadly, no one really knows what’s going to happen until it happens and that was the case with LeBron in 2010…

Many thought he would stay in Cleveland and be loyal.

Others felt he was for sure going to New York to play for the Knicks.

Then the big three rumors circulated.

It is incredible that LeBron has such ability here some 14 years later playing at an elite level even at age 39. If I were him, I would want to know Mitchell’s plan moving forward before I made any type of decision this offseason whether it be to stay in Los Angeles, come home to Cleveland or some other move. See just how much there is to consider?

Via Adrian Wojnarowski in regards to Mitchell, “He was emphatic in telling me he is not disgruntled with anyone or anything in Cleveland,” Wojnarowski said. “In fact, he said to me, ‘I am happy in Cleveland. I’ve been happy since I arrived in Cleveland.’ 

I don’t think Mitchell should say anything to anyone on any platform because when he ultimately does make this upcoming decision, it’ll make him even more of the enemy if he does choose to leave Cleveland.

As fans, I wouldn’t get any type of hopes up until Mitchell signs on that dotted line as a member of the Cavs extended. It’s frankly going to be a wait-and-see throughout the offseason just like 2010 was for us all.

The Decision – Remember This?

Even those who think they have the answers don’t really do because I don’t even think Mitchell himself knows what he’s going to do yet.

My guess? Hmmm…

Well, we’re referencing 2010 and how that played out for LeBron was perfect. It was time to move on whether us Cavs fans wanted to admit it or not. Ultimately, Mitchell would become some type of enemy to Cleveland fans not in the same severity as LeBron but in some capacity. He will sign with a team that gives him a chance to win and leave.

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