Donovan Mitchell Re-Signing: The Good, Bad and Not Ugly


I’ll admit, I was a doubter. However, this news broke this morning.

Breaking: Cleveland Cavaliers guard Donovan Mitchell has agreed on a three-year, $150.3 million maximum contract extension that includes a player option for the 2027-2028 season, sources tell Adrian Wojnarowski.

Those here in The Land were a bit nervous because everyone else around the league was signing/re-signing and we had yet to hear about Mitchell.

The Good:

-The Cavs re-signed one of the best players in the league and in franchise history to an extension when many people were unsure, especially with the slight delay it took to happen.

-Last season, Mitchell averaged 26.6 points on 46.2%, 5.1 rebounds and 6.1 assists. Last season, the team went 48-34 and finished fourth in the East. They won the first round over the Orlando Magic in seven games and then lost in the second round to the eventual champion Boston Celtics in five games.

-Three more seasons where this team is going to be a contender, at least in the Eastern Conference.

-All reports point to Mitchell liking the signing of new head coach Kenny Atkinson.

The Bad:

-The Cavs only got him for a guaranteed three years and that fourth year is a player option. Thus, we may be going through the same crisis in a couple of seasons.

-While Mitchell has proven to be a great player, he hasn’t necessarily shown that he can carry a team to a championship. Getting to the playoffs is nice but not the ultimate goal.

-Despite this Mitchell re-signing, GM Koby Altman has yet to make any other moves to improve this team

The Not Ugly:

-The reason I say “not” is because overall I feel this signing is good for the franchise and will provide for what is certainly going to be an exciting couple of years of winning seasons. Let’s hope the team can progress to that championship-caliber level we all hope like in the LeBron Years.

-If Michell had gone to a different team, it would have begun a rebuild for the Cavs. This only would’ve been great if the Wine and Gold ended up drafting an even better superstar after losing seasons.

-Welcome back home, Donovan Mitchell! Wishing you the best for these coming years here as a member of the Cavs!! Everyone should be excited for what’s to come!!


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