Does This Team Need to Break Up With Donovan Mitchell?


The Game One loss to the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals was a sobering reminder about where this Cleveland Cavaliers team truly is right now. Admittedly, overcoming a large deficit to beat the Orlando Magic in the first round was exciting at the time. Yet everyone was prepared for what exactly happened.

120-95 was the final in Boston. Also, Jarrett Allen was yet again out. This one game though is a microcosm of the future for this franchise.

The big elephant in the room for a long time has been Donovan Mitchell’s contract and if he will extend in Cleveland or bolt for another team. The difference in opinion is what an extension would mean for the Cavs. Hence this tweet made by me after the game.

Many including myself will jump to the excuses that Donovan Mitchell needs help or that the team needs to fire head coach JB Bickerstaff for success. Those aren’t invalid yet this is what also needs to be thought about too.

Mitchell is a scorer. He’s great at putting the ball in the basket and that’s not a question. After all, he averaged 26.6 points per game this season for the Cavs. Certainly, there’s a lot of basketball to be played but this series is looking quite bleak against a top team such as the Celtics.

What needs to be thought about moving forward is if Mitchell is the superstar to bank winning a championship with in the future. Honestly, making the playoffs in the NBA isn’t too challenging. It’s contending for a title once in those playoffs that’s so difficult.

The Cavs barely beat the Magic to get out of the first round in seven games and this first battle in round two was awful.

In the future, the team will have to decide on if it would be better to trade Mitchell, get a boatload in return and move forward with a rebuild to hopefully contend for a title eventually. Praying for that re-sign is acting like that would confirm title contention in future years.

Not really sure about that..

First or second-round playoff defeats are fine. But every franchise has an ultimate goal of winning it all. That’s what needs to be decided after the playoffs end in a likely defeat here against the Celtics.

Is Mitchell the superstar to build around? Well, first he would have to re-sign to begin with…

What is my ultimate solution?

Well, get that answer from Mitchell that he’s gone and wants to play elsewhere. Trade him to a team that is going to extend him and get a large return of draft picks, players and such instead of again that praying for a re-sign.

Remember Kyrie Irving?

Well, the Cavs never get a star like that in the draft if the team didn’t reset from a LeBron James departure to begin with in 2010. Yes, sucking sucks but “tanking” is an idea for a reason and thats’s because in the long scheme of things it works.

– –

Game Two in Boston is at 7 pm.

And hey, this series isn’t technically over. If the Cavs want to prove me wrong and pull off a miracle please do.

– –

To close, think about all of this. What are the odds that..

– First, Donovan Mitchell re-signs in Cleveland.

– Next, the team finds the right head coach because Bickerstaff doesn’t appear to be the right answer.

– Moreover, Players are signed that are able to surround Mitchell for title contention and he makes them better.

-Finally, team becomes good enough to win titles and isn’t losing by 25 in playoff games.

– –

It’s a lot to think about and breaking up with a superstar is never easy. However, sometimes that exactly what needs to happen for longterm success.

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