Does LeBron’s Block Make Him The GOAT?


Wow, that was quick. Well, I do carry a bit of bias being a die-hard Cleveland sports fan my entire life and all. Why did this topic come up now of all times? I saw a video that had “The Block” featured in it and it made me want to write about it.

Of course, I have the utmost respect for Michael Jordan and have always respected his game playing basketball. He tried at baseball and that didn’t go so well, but that’s okay, Michael. We remember basketball fondly.

The score is 89-89 Cavs and Warriors in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Kyrie Irving bricks a layup with just under two minutes to go. The Warriors’ Andre Iguodala grabs the rebound and is instantly on the fast break. He dishes it to Steph Curry and Curry passes it right back to Iggy for what looks to be an easy layup that would give the Warriors the lead.


LeBron soars in and pins the ball against the glass stopping the fastbreak play and saving the game. There is something about that play that is so special that out of everything in LeBron’s magical career that spans over 20 years now, that one play seals the deal for me.




Without that block, who knows? The Warriors could’ve taken the lead and ended up winning the game and the series. Kyrie’s “shot” may never have happened and the final score of 93-89 may never have been in favor of the Cavaliers. Also, shout out to JR Smith for helping slow down the layup and help LeBron get his block.

Certainly, Michael Jordan has some signature single plays throughout his career that one could look back upon. Even one that was against our very Cavaliers back in the 1989 playoffs. Sorry to bring that up, folks.

Here’s something else. Why do we have to choose?

Why can’t both LeBron and Jordan be great together? There are always going to be people that feel one way or another and that’s never going to change until the year 2050 when the next super-super star plays and tops them both.

But will he have a block as a member of the Cavs that saves the title for the team?


That’s why LeBron will always be my number one. It’s funny cause for four years of his career I hated his guts. He made amends for “taking his talents to south beach” and The Block was the signature.

Hopefully, fans can remember and respect such an amazing play as the years go on and everything changes in this world.



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