Does Josh Gordon Know Who The Browns Will Draft?


As the NFL draft creeps closer and closer, Browns fans have debated and wondered who their favorite team will select with the No. 4 overall pick. Sammy Watkins, Greg Robinson, Khalil Mack, Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles, and Johnny Manziel are all popular names that have been floating around, but who really knows where the Browns are going with this pick?

Josh Gordon may have a little bit of inside information, and he wasn’t afraid to share it with Skip Bayless.

Bayless asked Gordon where he thought the Browns would go with the fourth pick, and Gordon said, “Pretty sure it’s a quarterback.”

There you go; Flash has spoken.

Now, I warn fans to not go into a frenzy and take this as immediate fact, because Gordon could just be stirring the pot. Of course Gordon wants a quarterback to throw to him, but that doesn’t mean he knows what Ray Farmer and company are thinking.

A lot of things could change from now until May 8, but one thing that won’t are the debates and arguments over who fans want in Cleveland.

Cleveland deserves a winner, let’s hope that whoever is picked by the Browns can help make that happen.

-AJ Ondrey

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