Do We Need Tristan More Than Khloe Does?

Updated: November 29, 2017


Over the past couple of years, how many times does it feel like Tristan Thompson saved a possession and gave the Cavaliers another chance by sliding in and grabbing an offensive rebound? A lot of times.

TT was an intricate part of the Cavs winning the 2016 title and I remember some big foul shots he hit in the 4th quarter of Game 7. The man is loved by Cleveland and has showed his loyalty by re-signing here whereas his buddy Kyrie Irving demanded a trade.

Last year, Thompson averaged 8.1 PPG, 9 REB (3.7 offensive) and played in 78 games. This calf injury was his first time with an extended injury. He’s usually been durable.

But, with the Cavs continuing to win with him on the sideline, the question becomes “Do we even need Tristan Thompson?”

Personally, I want to trade Tristan Thompson and Iman Shumpert plus the first round pick to the New Orleans Pelicans for DeMarcus Cousins. I think this trade brings the Cavs close to even with the Warriors and gives us an opportunity to win another championship.

Do I think the Cavs are better with Thompson on the floor?


The teams the Cavs have beaten in this winning streak are not going to be contending for a title. While it’s been an impressive and exciting stretch of basketball, I do not believe there is any correlation to Thompson being out to the team winning without him. The Cavs are just great and have found their groove. He’ll just add to it.

TT will come back from his injury and continue to do what he does best. He’ll continue to clean up the glass on the offensive end, play some solid defense and go the extra mile just like he’s always done.

But are there better options in the middle when it’s June and the Warriors are once again our foe? Yes.

TT is such a valuable trade asset for a team wanting to get a star off their hands that’s making a lot of money on a bad team. It could be Boogie Cousins; it could be someone else. I would be willing to dish Tristan to another city if the right deal is there. But when he’s on the floor, he’s very helpful. Don’t let this winning streak cloud your judgement on him.

Do we need Tristan more than Khloe Kardashian does? I mean, she seems to be in love…

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