Do The Indians Have The Longest Streak Ever?

Updated: September 15, 2017

Last night, the Indians won their 22nd game in a row, making history yet again. It is well documented that the ultimate streak lies at 26 set by the New York Giants in 1916, a much simpler time for sure. However, there is definitely an asterisk by that streak.

This from NBC Sports:

“The record [1916 Giants’] includes a quirk: a 1-1 tie against the Pittsburgh Pirates in a game that was rained out after nine innings. The teams made up that game as part of a doubleheader the next day and New York went on to set its 101-year-old record and ultimately finish fourth in the National League.”

In the record books, it stands at 26. In truth, the team did not win 26 baseball games in a row. They tied once in the middle of it, game 13 to be exact.

With no ties or other disputes, the Indians have the TRUE winning streak. The Giants do have the undefeated streak.

That T is sticking out right in the middle of that streak.

Regardless of when this Indians streak truly does come to an end, it will absolutely be one of the most amazing stretches in the history of the game. And honestly, with the way this team is playing, it wouldn’t shock me if they passed the 26-game streak and silenced all the critics.

Ultimately, winning the World Series is the most important goal of this season. Hopefully, the Indians will get a slice of humble pie before the playoffs begin. Getting used to winning can lead to complacency and an early exit in the postseason.

Do I want the Indians to lose, no? Just playing good baseball is all that matters.

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