Discipline Lies on Hue Jackson and Coaching Staff

Updated: October 22, 2017

The Browns lost 12-9 to the Titans on Sunday at home in a pretty disappointing affair. The two teams battled it out, exchanging field goal after field goal, even sending the game to overtime after Zane Gonzalez knuckleballed a 54-yard field goal to tie it at nine. The defense was amazing, halting the Titans to just 12 points in 60 minutes plus OT of action.

That should be enough to win any given week. But, no.

Regardless of who is under center, the amount of stupid mistakes made by this team is absolutely incredible, baffling and purely sad. Every time a drive starts to get in gear, someone on the team makes a penalty that either pushes the offense back or stalls the drive.

On Sunday, the Browns had a whopping 12 penalties for 81 yards compared to Tennesse’s five for 35. In a particularly uneventful game for both teams, that was obviously the difference.

Sure, it’s the players that make the mistakes on the field, but it’s the coaches that instill the mindset for the team that steps on the field. Clearly, head coach Hue Jackson does not have his players in the right mindset, despite the argument that there is a lack of talent, which there is.

At 1-22 in his first 23 games, some are surprised that Hue Jackson and the rest of the staff and front office have a job still. A good argument that many of my fellow writers have made is that they really haven’t had any talent to work with on the field. Well, that works for the coaching staff. The front office’s drafting skills appear mediocre at best…for now.

In peewee football, they teach you not to move until the ball is snapped. Sadly, the Browns’ NFL players still haven’t learned that concept and it’s hard to watch. In a couple games this year, the Dawgs have been in it late. It’s the simple things like keeping the penalties to a minimum and limiting other issues like dropped passes and interceptions that are the difference between winning and losing.

With the London game next Sunday against the Vikings, the pressure is on for this team to get a win. As the losses mount, this franchise continues to embarrass this city and its fans that are so desperate for even a single win for a second consecutive season.

Hue Jackson – get your team together. If not, you’ll be looking for another job and watching the 0-16 parade actually happen this year.

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