Dion Waiters Has The Most To Prove This Year


He’s been a man under a lot of scrutiny over his two year career in Cleveland, but he’s also been an authority on the court as well. His name is Dion Waiters, and he was drafted with the 4th overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. Waiters carries an aggressive attitude that is needed on any championship team.

The critics have been harsh on Waiters mainly for his relationship with star point guard Kyrie Irving, who was drafted with the first overall pick the year before. Many believed that there was no cohesion between the two, and that it would be impossible for the Cavaliers to win with both of them on the team due to various on and off the court issues.

While the two have publicly denied any type of tension, it was hard to believe they were telling the truth.

On the court, Dion Waiters is developing into a star. Having the greatest player on the planet in LeBron “taking Waiters under his wing” will make him an even better player.

Recently, Dion was asked by reporters if he agreed that the Washington back court of point guard John Wall and shooting guard Bradley Beal was the best in the league. Waiters said that was “nonsense,” only to be slashed at by Wall saying that “you can’t talk unless you’re in the playoffs.”

Who was cut from team USA? Oh yeah, that was John Wall.

Who was the FIBA MVP? Wait, that was Kyrie Irving.

This is the kind of extracurricular activity that should motivate Waiters into actually prospering into the star we all know he can be. Sure, he comes off the bench. What’s the difference? Basketball is basketball, and what matters is who is playing at the end of the game, not the beginning.

Dion Waiters has a beautiful high-arcing jump shot, but the best part of his game is his ability to take it to the hoop. Yes, he does need to work on consistently finishing close to the rim, but getting there is no problem for the 3rd year man out of Syracuse. He averaged 15.9 points per game last year, and close to 3 assists and rebounds as well. Those numbers may not improve this year, but it’s the efficiency that Waiters needs to acquire that will be key when he’s playing with so many other stars. High shooting percentage, better shot selection, etc.

There’s something special about the way Dion Waiters plays basketball, but his attitude rubs off on people the wrong way.

Ignore them.

The only thing that matters is winning games on the basketball floor.

It’s truly crazy to think about how good Dion Waiters can become. With LeBron James as his mentor, and a full squad of talented players beside him, all it’s going to take is a ton of hard work. Easier said than done. But, we know he goes 110% every time he steps on the floor.

For a basketball team to win a championship, it takes effort from every single man on that team. It’s Dion Waiters that may be the guy to push the Cavaliers over that difficult hump to win a title for the city of Cleveland.


Thank God the Cavs didn’t trade him.


-Zach Shafron

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