September 18, 2021

Did You Just Taunt Me?

Did you? Well if I was playing in the NFL…it could be a very big deal. Check this out:

“Game officials have been instructed to strictly enforce the taunting rules, and players and coaches are reminded that two taunting penalties committed by an individual player will result in automatic disqualification. In addition, the taunting player may be fined and/or suspended depending on the severity of the actions.” Via Yahoo

So what exactly is “taunting” and why does this matter to the upcoming season and beyond?

“Taunting is under the rules of unsportsmanlike conduct, which is any act which is contrary to the generally understood principles of sportsmanship.”

I can already see the problems this is going to cause for the NFL. You know the saying, “He said, she said.” I feel like that will be personified on the football field just with referees instead of couples.

Another question I have is, why? What was wrong with the way the games were played in previous seasons? I never questioned players’ sportsmanship and the levels of taunting throughout my time watching games…

Imagine this.

It’s a big battle between two rivals…say the Browns and the Steelers (since this is CST after all). It’s the third quarter and a tie game between the two teams. Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield received a taunting penalty in the first quarter due to some sort of waving of his hands and poor language at a Steeler safety.

Now, it’s the second half and Baker gets overly excited after a long pass completion and gets that dreaded second taunting penalty.


Browns end up losing without the starting quarterback for the final stretch. It becomes a huge story. Will that exact situation happen? Very unlikely. It’s more the principle.

Look, it doesn’t take a genius to know that football is an intense sport. These guys are going extremely hard and I can’t blame them if a few swear words or hand motions are a part of the game. Even the 15 yards for the penalty could result in a huge swing in the game. Let alone a big-time player getting ejected.

Hey NFL: Why don’t you just cool it! Let these guys play the game and make sure the results are due to performance and not stupid penalties. 

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