February 27, 2024

It’s obviously not the same.

This article isn’t to argue that it is. However, everyone remembers that classic Summer of 2014 when everyone was glued to their social media feeds looking for the latest news on then-free agent LeBron James. A player finishing up his contract with the Miami Heat that certainly had the potential to return to Cleveland.

Well, this is different. It’s about wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and the chance for him to sign with the Cleveland Browns.

First of all, it’s a different sport. Duh. The move won’t be as huge a change no matter what happens. We also didn’t love or hate Hopkins before this…

The biggest factor that makes everything so interesting is current starting quarterback DeShaun Watson played three seasons with DeAndre Hopkins in Houston for the Texans from 2017-19. In that time, Hopkins caught 315 passes for 4,115 yards and 31 touchdowns. Absolutely incredible numbers between that dynamic duo.

I started this hashtag for CST on Friday just to see if it could trend.

It was actually very interesting. There is a lot of response of pure excitement, of course. Yet there are a lot of cynics. Fans that feel the Browns already have the wide receiver core to win and need to focus their attention on defense.

It’s true that no one says, “Offense wins championships.” 

The Browns just received, pardon the pun, 10.9 million dollars in salary cap room on June 2nd when a few of the team’s past contracts officially ran out. This money can be used towards the signing of Hopkins.

Regardless of anything that happens, Hopkins is still set to make 20+ million from the team that cut him in the Arizona Cardinals. The new club he signs with will be paying almost calling it a “bonus” deal moving forward.

So, the Browns currently have wide receivers Amari Cooper, Cedric Tillman (just drafted), David Bell, Donovan Peoples-Jones, Marquise Goodwin and Jaelon Darden. Again, not a bad group to begin with…

The Cavs in the year before LeBron came back even with Kyrie Irving on the team had a record of 33-49 and were 10th in the East. We all know what happened in the following years and how drastically better they got by winning the title in 2016.

Well, as the following days continue fans will look for the latest updates with Watkins and his ultimate decision on where he will sign. The 30-year-old would thrive in Cleveland and make that wide receiver core and team as a whole just that much better.

LeBron came home. Why can’t DeAndre make Cleveland home?



*Photo via Lakers Daily

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