Yes, this is a real question, and one I’ve been thinking quite a bit about, but the more I think, the more I’m solidified in my answer. It wouldn’t be out of place for the Browns to sign another big wide receiver, but the question is who? While the only really big name still out there is Dez Bryant, formerly of the Dallas Cowboys, one guy who has been making some noise about a comeback is Terrell Owens. The obvious answer to my question would be Dez Bryant, however, I honestly think that the Browns should sign Terrell Owens instead.

Hear me out on this before you jump on me. 

Terrell is a Hall of Fame player, as he’s already been announced as joining the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2018. Honestly, though, Dez is more than likely a HOF player too – one of them has already made it. Terrell has also been very adamant about making a comeback. He’s sent out countless tweets and has even posted a couple workout videos where he’s honestly looking like he’s in pretty good shape. Rumors are he can still run a 4.40 40-yard dash. Which at 44-years-old is absolutely insane. 

Terrell could actually bring more to Cleveland than Dez could. The Browns have one of the youngest WR groups in the entire league. Josh Gordon being the oldest at 27 years old, with Antonio Callaway being the youngest at just 21. This is the only position group who doesn’t really have a strong veteran to mentor the young guys. While Dez would also be a strong veteran to bring in, he had a lot of issues on the sideline with the Cowboys and so I’m not sure having someone with an ego like Dez would be good to have on the team.

Terrell was quite the character when he played and that was all because he was a competitor. He never had any off the field issues, so having someone who’s a good citizen off the field would also be great to help these guys along especially with the problems that Josh Gordon and Antonio Callaway have had in the past.

While he still might be 44, he’s still in tip-top shape to where he could make a return. There has also been a report that before the draft he had a private workout with the Browns. So, there is a possibility of him making a comeback with the Browns and I’d be more than happy to have him on the Browns. 

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