February 25, 2024

Developing – Cavs to put Entire Team, CST Writing Staff on Trading Block


In an effort to revitalize Kevin Love trade talks again, the Cavaliers are getting creative.

Numerous contributors for Cleveland Sports Talk, mainly Andrew Baillargeon, Zach Shafron and Kenny Nichols are said to be up for grabs. The team is entering a massive fire sale, looking to enter a total rebuilding stage.

It is also said that the Cavs would like to get out from underneath Khalil Brown’s contract with CST, but they have had difficulty finding takers in that regard.

“We kinda figured we’d use some of their (CST’s) contributors to sweeten the pot” General Manager Koby Altman said in a recent press conference “Who needs draft picks when you could just go out and get a good writer instead? We can trade Zach and Kevin Love to the Wizards for like, Ish Smith and a 2021 2nd rounder or something”

At the time of writing this, several organizations have called the Cavaliers and inquired about possible trades for the talented power forward and slew of crappy writers. From the sounds of it, most of them hung up the phone on Altman and laughed uncontrollably upon doing so.

However, the rumor mill has burnt hot for one team: the Boston Celtics. In response to these rumors, the Cavs have opted to rest Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson, while every Taco Bell in the state of Massachusetts seems to have closed down.

In accordance with my contract, this article must come to a close here. It’s been a pleasure writing for you all.

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