Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jakeem Grant was carted off the field from practice on Tuesday afternoon. It appears he has suffered a season-ending torn Achilles. It was a non-contact injury, too.

Devastating news.

Grant, a signee from Chicago, came to Cleveland in order to help replace the likes of Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry. Two extremely talented receivers that are no longer with the team.

It’s a three year deal for Grant worth up to $13.8 million. Unfortunately, it looks like the wideout won’t be able to contribute this season at all…

It would be Grant’s sixth year in the NFL playing for the likes of the Miami Dolphins and Chicago Bears. In 2021, Grant had 132 yards receiving and two touchdowns. He specialized in returns, though.

Now, the Browns are likely going to have to find a replacement for the receiver. This could be the likes of rookie David Bell, Michael Woods II or others on the roster.

The saddest part is these players give it their all to make it on the football field and it gets ruined by an injury that ends the season before it really even starts. Trust me, he’s not the only one this has happened to around the league over the years…

Hopefully, the team will receive good news in regards to his injury in that it isn’t as bad as it appears to be right now. Regardless, here begins a long road to recovery. Wishing Mr. Grant the best of luck.

For the Browns as a whole, the team hasn’t gotten good news at all this offseason with this and the Deshaun Watson never-ending news. Let’s have the tables turn to more positives!

Photo via: Yahoo Sports

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