Just when everything felt like it was finally falling into place with Browns quarterback Deshaun Waston, news broke that a new civil lawsuit was filed against the star.

This would be suit number 26 against him in total.

This from Jake Trotter’s ESPN Article: “In the lawsuit filed Thursday in Harris County (Texas), Watson is accused of soliciting the plaintiff over Instagram with a direct message for a massage at a Houstonian hotel room in Texas in December 2020, while he was a member of the Texans. The lawsuit states that during the session, Watson “continually pressured [the plaintiff] into massaging his private area” before he “removed his towel” and “offered to let her ‘get on top.'” According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff “refused to have sex with Watson, however, he was able to pressure her into oral sex” and “Watson paid [the plaintiff] $300 for her services, although her normal charge was $115 for an hour massage.”

Those are some very detailed claims about what happened by this woman who has yet to be named. If true, those are gruesome…

However, my fear with Deshaun Watson was that despite the fact that punishment was given (11-game suspension and $5 million dollar fine), it wouldn’t necessarily be over.

Well, here we are with claim number 26. From events that took place in 2020. My concerns are that these lawsuits against Watson are far from over as proven by this most recent claim in Texas.

The question will be what the NFL is going to do in regard to any type of additional punishment if these claims are found to be guilty or settled. That remains to be seen here as the season progresses. It could change the entire remainder of this Browns season.

Frankly, the Browns knew what they were getting into when signing Watson to the massive deal for the 27-year-old of five years and $230 million dollars.

Everyone was hoping that after the punishment was given to Watson that he would go on to serve it with no issues. That is officially not the case and Watson has more to deal with as this new suit comes to fruition.

Now, the quarterback was allowed back in the Browns facility this past week and even though he isn’t allowed to practice with the team or play until Week 13 against the Texans, it certainly felt like a step in the right direction for the quarterback and really the team as a whole.

All of that is drowned out with this newest lawsuit and it will be interesting to see how the NFL handles it, especially if there is any form of guilt involved.

What can Deshaun do in the Browns facility now? FIND OUT HERE 

The Browns take on the Patriots at home this coming Sunday.

More details to come as news continues to break on this latest lawsuit.

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