DETAILS: Arrest Warrant Out For OBJ

Well, I’ve officially seen it all.

The New Orleans Police Department has issued an arrest warrant accusing Odell Beckham Jr. of simple battery. This took place at the College Football National Championship Game in the locker room after LSU won. OBJ was being his rambunctious alumnus-self and slapped the officer in the behind after the win.

It is on tape and as clear as day. The whole night sort of felt like, “That kid who never left his high school.” 

However, there is a lot that can be said about this and I am going to go down the list of my thoughts and let the readers be the judge.

Firstly, slapping someone in the behind is a big part of sports. It is something that coaches do with players from when they are young to professionals making millions. Even so, OBJ should know better than to take this idea and use it on a police officer. Now, I get he was excited about the win and his emotions were high, but it is not an excuse for his very stupid action that will cost him something.

Besides, one can’t just be walking down a hallway, see another person, wind up and slap them in the tush. That is obviously inappropriate.

Regardless of many people likely feeling that this is no big deal and shouldn’t have come to this, it is technically an assault of a person and that guy is a police officer. I feel like someone said to the officer that he could make a lot of money off of what OBJ did to him (hence the delay in all of this).

Will this become anything? Likely, no. My guess is OBJ will pay a hefty fine and the charges will get dropped. I do wonder if new head coach Stefanski is taking notice of any of the behavior of our star wide receiver? He probably isn’t thrilled with the actions of one of his best players.

Simple battery is a misdemeanor crime that carries up to 6 months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

Now, since OBJ was literally handing out cash to the LSU stars, $1,000 is definitely not a big deal for him. However, I would guess that he doesn’t want to spend six months in jail for something so trivial.

Hopefully, this situation will get resolved in a timely manner. OBJ will pay what he has to pay for the charges to get dropped and he can return to focusing on a better upcoming season with his current team, the Cleveland Browns.

And remember, keep your hands to yourself.

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