Despite Loss, Cavs Play Hard & It’s Fun to Watch

Here in Cleveland, we’ve seen some of the best teams in history representing our basketball team. On the flip side, we’ve also had to endure some of the worst squads ever.

This year is somewhere in the middle.

No, the Cavs do not have LeBron James or Kyrie Irving anymore and are not going to compete for a championship this season. However, it’s an exciting bunch to watch led by first-year coach John Beilein

The Cavs take 2/3 on the latest road trip and literally were one shot away from beating a very good 76ers team. (I blame Rocky Balboa. They flashed the Rocky statue and I knew it was over.) Starting this road trip at 2-5 and nearly coming home with a .500 record is impressive.

In Philly, Kevin Love had 20, Collin Sexton had 18 and TT finished with 17. Additionally, Jordan Clarkson was a spark off the bench with 20.

Taking everything into account, this team is fun to watch. They play hard every night and it appears there’s a desire to win each game. That isn’t something prevalent on every team.

A lot of teams lack grit – not these professionals.

Frankly, the Cavs are only going to get better as this season goes on. Then, we shall see what the future holds and if the team can get back to contending for titles in the future.

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