March 3, 2024

Despite Injuries and Recent Losses, Browns 2023 Season is Far From Over


As I write this article the 2023 Cleveland Browns are 7-5 with the 6th seed in the AFC Playoffs. With five games remaining in the 2023 season and three of those games being at home, the Cleveland Browns still control their own playoff destiny. To say that the 2023 Browns had some injury issues would be an understatement.

​The 2023 Cleveland Browns lost their franchise running back Nick Chubb in Week Two against Pittsburgh, their starting right tackle Jack Conklin in Week One versus Cincinnati, their starting left tackle Jed Wills in Week Eight against the Cardinals and their franchise quarterback Week Nine at Baltimore.

Not only did they lose these players but they started their 4th quarterback this season last week against the Rams. And I have yet to mention the CB Denzel Ward shoulder and WR Amari Cooper concussion injuries as well. Through these injuries, the 2023 Cleveland Browns have shown resilience by being in control of their playoff destiny.​

Next Sunday afternoon the Browns are hosting the 8-4 Jacksonville Jaguars. This AFC matchup will have playoff implications. Jacksonville will be traveling to Cleveland after losing to Cincinnati in overtime on Monday Night. The Jaguars also lost their franchise quarterback Trevor Lawrence to a high ankle sprain injury in the loss. It is unlikely that he will be able to play against the Browns. That along with Jacksonville traveling on a short week after a grueling overtime Monday Night Game. It makes this game winnable for the Browns. After Sunday, the following four games for the Browns are considered winnable as well.​

On December 17th the 4-8 Chicago Bears play the Browns in Cleveland. On December 24th the Browns travel to Houston to play the 7-5 Texans. The team will then end their home regular season on Thursday, December 28th against the 4-8 Jets. The season finale will be in Cincinnati to play the 6-6 Bengals minus Joe Burrow on January 7th. The remaining Browns schedule is favorable for them to make a 2023 playoff push.

The 2023 Cleveland Browns season is not over by a long shot. Yes, injuries are a problem with this team. But every NFL team in December is hurting and has injuries. You can see a laundry list of NFL teams this year that lost their starting quarterback. It appears that the teams that make the NFL playoffs are the most resilient. And that is the best word to describe the 2023 Cleveland Browns…


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