February 26, 2024

The Cleveland Browns got out of Houston with a big win over the Houston Texans this past Sunday. This was the first game where the Cleveland Browns had QB Deshaun Watson make his debut after an 11-game suspension. This also follows as Watson’s first NFL start in almost two years. Even though the Browns got this win, Watson looked rusty in his first game back. We, as fans, were all expecting Watson to be somewhat rusty, but not overly rusty. Watson had some bad passes and a horrible interception, but other than that, he managed the game well.

Watson still got the Browns a victory in his first start, despite all touchdowns being solely by the defense and special teams. Even though the offense did not score any touchdowns with Watson, this was a perfect game for him to return. The Texans are the worst team in the NFL, so the Browns had no business losing this game. The Browns in fact won, so this gives Watson a pass on QB play.

This game should give Watson confidence and a refresher on the game speed since it has been so long since he last played. Getting a win in the NFL, especially grabbing your first win in your first start in two years is a confidence booster. Deshaun will now have film to watch regarding his gameplay from this past week against Houston and will now be able to find a way to be better.

Overall, I think Watson will get better each game and we will once again see that top-five QB that we traded for. His next game, which is against the Bengals, will be better than what we saw this past week. A win gives a player confidence and Watson’s confidence will help support the Browns in the future. I am super excited to see how the rest of this season plays out. Cleveland…we finally got our quarterback!

Let’s Go Browns!!!!

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