Deshaun Watson – The Quarterback Has to Avoid This


I was certainly disappointed in quarterback Deshaun Watson not playing these past few weeks for the Browns. It was the way that the injury was reported so abruptly before the Ravens game and then ultimately lingered for a few weeks that made it all so bizarre.

“Watson has been out since bruising his rotator cuff on a designed running play against the Titans.”- AP

The issue is that with the contract and the money that this guy is getting from the Browns, the expectations are there for him to play and play well for the franchise each week.

It was a magnificent defensive effort and a missed kick that allowed the Browns to beat the 49ers despite the third-string quarterback PJ Walker starting.

The truth about this situation is that if this is a serious injury and not some sketchy cover-up like a lot of people originally thought might be happening, it makes the pass protection even that much more crucial. With a matchup against the 3-3 Colts on the road, now it becomes a matter of keeping Watson safe.

This means that the offensive line and such need to make sure the quarterback avoids taking any major hits and falling on said shoulder once again. There is also just the fear of simply hurting it by throwing the ball as a quarterback.

Protecting the quarterback is crucial in any football game, but it is especially paramount against the Colts. One shot by DE Kwity Paye, DT DeForest Buckner or DT Taven Bryan and it could be a disaster for the Dawgs.

Some good news is that LG Joel Bitonio was back practicing this week after missing the last game against the 49ers. The Browns gave up two sacks.

Joel Bitonio

Of course, it’s the classic line by Clubber Lang (Mr. T) in Rocky III where he gives the prediction of “PAIN.” No one wants to see Watson take a shot that results in that type of problem.

Blocking, giving Watson time to settle in the pocket, gain his confidence back and make those sharp throws is paramount for a Browns victory. Keeping Watson healthy is important for any type of contention. We’ve seen how everything goes with backup quarterbacks and it’s not pretty. Let’s avoid having to turn to those guys again.

Since we’re talking Rocky, we need Watson to get that “Eye of the Tiger” back this week in Indy against the Colts. Having the protection from the offensive line is a huge step in that direction.


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