Deshaun Watson: The Latest Of What Could Be Great News



That’s what I feel like a lot of the time drinking…(coffee) and seeing the Guardians lose this summer.

While I try not to spend all of my days in misery, it’s interesting what that word, zero, now means in the realm of football and specifically Browns starting quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Firstly, the team just traded quarterback Baker Mayfield to the Carolina Panthers for a 5th-round conditional pick. Does this go to show that the team knows more about the Watson ordeal than we fans?

Additionally, reported on Twitter that in the hearings with the NFL and NFLPA, “The NFL presented no evidence of violence, force, threat or coercion in the allegations of the five women they focused on at the hearing before Sue Robinson, as first reported by Pro Football Talk.”

There were also reports from the adult son of one of the 12 women stating that “His mom initially was complimentary of Watson in their conversations after the massage, but later switched her account and tone after negative allegations surfaced about Watson.” Via – Josina Anderson’s Twitter

Ever hear of a gold-digger?

What is so interesting is that before I felt that the league feared the major backlash from the entire NFL fanbase about any type of minimal suspension. Thus, there were talks of even an indefinite suspension or at least a full season on Watson.

Now, some are suggesting no suspension at all or a minimal one of say six or so games total. Before, the thought of that was crazy with all of the reports flying around.

The tables have turned with the NFL and Watson to the point where the league has a notion that it will be fought against by the NFLPA and others that Watson did not break the actual law or violate any type of code of conduct and that should be the reason why he doesn’t get any suspension at all. Yes, he was a creeper and a weirdo and no one is denying that fact. It’s what rules and regulations did or didn’t Watson actually break.

Well, that could be great news from a strictly “fan” perspective about the fact that the star starting quarterback could play in all or most of the games for this upcoming season. It’s a big change from past weeks when the opposite was thought by many.

Moving forward, I think I can attest for everyone that we all just want an answer about what the suspension will be. That way the team can prepare for the season ahead and get started on operations as training camp soon begins.

Unfortunately, this may not be over soon.


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