March 4, 2024

It’s official. After sitting out practices this week, Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson is going to be out this Sunday against the 49ers here in Cleveland. Thus, it’s going to be PJ Walker as the starter and Dorian Thompson-Robinson (DTR) as the backup for the game.


The 49ers come into this game with a 5-0 record and it would’ve been a tough matchup even with Watson fully healthy and playing against the Niners. This affair is now looking even bleaker than it did before.

Watson’s shoulder injury has been sketchy from the Ravens game where he was pulled out at the very last second for DTR to be tossed in. We all know how that one turned out two weeks ago. Now, it was a daily decision this week on whether the quarterback was going to practice or not and it wasn’t finally confirmed that Watson was out until Josina Anderson reported it on Twitter X.

On the season, Watson has played in three games and went 65/102 for 63.7%, 678 yards (226 per), four touchdowns and two interceptions. The Browns were 2-1 with Watson playing and on the up and up. That Ravens game and now this makes everything much worse.

Now, nothing is over until it’s truly finished right? Except this game looks like it’s not going to be one to remember with the Browns lacking their starter against arguably the best team in the league.

PJ Walker shined in the XFL with the Houston Roughnecks and was actually the passing yards leader in 2020. The only problem is this is a bit different type of league to play in, of course.

After this San Francisco game at home, the Browns are in Indy, in Seattle and versus Arizona. Let’s see if Watson gets better and the team won’t have to rely on the backups.

The entire way of handling this has been absolutely horrific. I actually wrote an article basically saying that something else was up and that this was more than an injury. Who knows with this franchise anymore?

Deshaun, just don’t do anything really stupid while you’re sitting out buddy. We need you healthy, champ. That’s certainly for sure. This team has the potential to be absolutely great, but without Watson as the quarterback, it’s looking very, very, bleak.

Let’s see how this team performs on Sunday, but with the news this evening everything just got that much worse for the Browns.

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