March 3, 2024

DeShaun Watson Must Be Careful on Sunday – Not Just in The Pocket!


There are so many people out to get Browns quarterback DeShaun Watson as his suspension ends and he begins his journey as the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. This recent news of the accusers attending Sunday’s game was very eye-opening. I don’t think it’s appropriate and if you want to read my detailed explanation CLICK HERE.

Anyway, there will certainly be members of the press that are just yearning for Watson to screw up in some way. To prove their point that he should not be playing at all this season and some feel he should be banned for life.

Thus, Watson needs to be careful. And not just in the pocket as the quarterback of the Browns looking for that open receiver.

Watson will certainly know where these women and the lawyer are located in the stadium. He needs to make sure he doesn’t look their way or make any gesture if he scores a touchdown or anything.

Then, there’s the actual speaking to the media either before or after the game. I felt like the “football-related questions only” was perfect for his most recent interview after practice this past week. That should be the same for this game and should be pointed out. This is if he even speaks to the media.

Now, Deshaun. I hate to say it but this is your life now. You were already under a microscope just as a professional athlete and a good one at that for the Houston Texans. Now, that is going to be inflated because of everything that has occurred over recent years/months.

The Browns took a huge shot with the Watson signing. Five years, 230 million dollars is quite the deal. This guy is only 27 years of age and still has a lot to learn. Even so, you must not do anything that can inflate the press’ already hostile feelings towards you and the transgressions allegedly made.

Here is a Rocky quote that Watson must follow:

Rocky Balboa : [after the scuffle is broken up]  I thought you said be cool!

Apollo Creed: That *was* cool!

See what we need to avoid is any type of scruffle to begin with in this game. DeShaun must keep his cool from beginning to end and not allow any people like us to have material to write about after the game. Except for how proud I am of his three touchdown, 300 yards passing performance in a Browns’ victory.

No one said it was going to be easy. However, the talent is so immense that it can silence the haters and dare I say one day bring Cleveland a SUPER BOWL (not this year, don’t worry – haha).

Let’s simply limit the ammunition and keep it about football.

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