If you scroll through the comments on any post about a popular figure, you’ll see a variety of takes from different types of people. This remains true with all of the talk on Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson throughout these past few weeks.

In a previous article of mine, I wrote about the Browns offensive line having to be extremely careful in protecting Watson, the starter against the Colts that game. Well, of course, we all know how that ended…

Watson took a shot after only completing one pass and was out for the rest of the game with concussion-like symptoms. He has been officially ruled out for Sunday’s game in Seattle against the Seahawks. It’ll be PJ Walker as the starter for the team.

Now, let’s use running back Nick Chubb as an example. We all saw him take that gruesome injury against the Steelers and he was subsequently ruled out for the remainder of the season. It wasn’t nice to see something like that happen, but the part that was nice was the communication from the team to the fans about the player and his future. It didn’t feel as if the team was hiding anything from anyone…

Frankly, with Watson, it was a question mark if he was going to start against the Ravens in Week 4. He was pulled out of starting that game right before it began. The following week was the bye and then even with the extra week Watson was pulled out against the 49ers.

Why is this organization so secretive about the injury itself? Why did it take so long for Watson to come out and speak about his injury?

It’s gotten to the point where fans are honestly questioning if the quarterback has the desire to even play. This is literally the man who is getting paid 230 million dollars of guaranteed money over the course of five years. There’s talk of the ownership potentially trying to buy him out…yikes.

Now, this is what matters.

Do you want to play football or not?

Everyone understands sustaining an injury. That’s a part of football and sports in general. It sucks, but it happens and happens often. Even so, everyone expects the team to report it to the public and press as it happens and accurately as such. After all, these people pay money for tickets, merchandise, jerseys, etc.

Unfortunately, due to the past issues in Watson’s life, it’s clear he was very troubled. Now, everyone should get the benefit to try and become a better person once again. It’s not the injury itself but the way the team and Deshaun have handled this entire situation that has made him a low-key hated figure in these parts.

The Browns must determine if Watson truly wants to play. If he wants to play for the Browns. If it’s a no, find a legit backup and figure out this disaster of a contract moving forward. The back-and-forth game each week is absolutely awful for the franchise and community.


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