Man, this guy never stays out of the news.

Quarterback Deshaun Watson is making waves once again with more legal issues. I thought that his troubles were over in both overall settlements and the NFL’s punishment for him. Turns out that isn’t the case.

“Although he has been suspended 11 games by the NFL for the allegations, the league has not completely ruled out the possibility of further punishment, given the evidence that could emerge in the remaining cases and/or the eventual verdicts.” — Florio, Pro Football Talk

And now, he might be forced to testify once again as a motion for further testimony has been filed.

The upcoming debate that would certainly be a big one is whether Watson is deserving of any more punishment from the NFL. Many will say the man served his time and let’s continue on with the upcoming football season. Others who straight-up hate the dude for what he’s done over the years will want him to get an additional suspension.

This will be based on the evidence moving forward and all of those details.

Watson, 28, is overcoming a right throwing shoulder shoulder injury that kept him out for the final six games of 2023. His contract of five years, $230 million, fully guaranteed has him in Cleveland throughout the 2026 season. It’s the potential to be the worst contract ever in the entire sporting world.

We all have enough stress in our lives and this news about Watson doesn’t help. It should be of course noted that there is a possibility that first of all, nothing comes of this testimony. Additionally, the NFL may simply leave it as is…

The Browns do appear to be “all in” on Watson moving forward.

New offensive coordinator for the Dawgs Ken Dorsey said this in his interview:

“I could get Deshaun (Watson) ready to play each and every week. I can get our room ready to play each and every week. We got a great room and I’m sure we’ll add to that. And then I can help develop a game plan that’s going to help us be multiple, attack a defense in different ways, be aggressive and be elite in what we do. And that’s the most important thing to me, just doing that to make sure if I’m in that role, I’m going to do that at an extremely high level.”

Time will tell how this plays out and I have a feeling unfortunately it’s going to become a bigger and bigger storyline…

So…are you Wacko for Flacco?


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