I’m sick and tired of it and the Cleveland Browns haven’t even played a game in the 2022 season. After the signing of quarterback Deshaun Watson became real, the baggage that came with it became even more real.

Now, there are fans that will straight up say, “I’m done with the Browns because of the Watson signing and the 22 allegations that come with it.” 

Then, there are other fans that will say, “I don’t like what the man allegedly did, but I’ll still root for the team.” 

Finally, there are fans that will say, “I’m pumped up for the season and I don’t care about his personal life at all.” 

It is conflicting because being a Browns fan for me has been a part of my life since I was born. I posted this after the trade:

Here’s what’s going to be interesting and the questions I am asking:

Will the fans that say they are done with the Browns really never watch a game with Watson playing? Even if the team is absolutely amazing? Like Super Bowl-bound amazing…

Will Watson be able to stay out of trouble throughout his entire tenure in Cleveland?

Will the Browns be as good as advertised and will the hopefully great success be tainted due to the allegation against Watson?

Will the Baker Mayfield lovers shut up if the team is good with Watson?

Will fans be able to come together even with differences in opinion on Watson and the Browns?

Personally, I feel that a fan is allowed to root for the team and root for players without necessarily endorsing the personal life of the said person. This can be the same for musicians, movie stars and other famous people. However, I also feel that fans can respect the views of others and those that truly cannot bear being a fan because of the actions one has done.

It’s a choice.

What I do feel is a detriment is when said fans that “cannot bear the burden” scold other fans that want to still continue to root for the team. This goes both ways and your criticism is hypocritical in many ways.

Ultimately, let’s play football.

And we can all agree that…Pittsburgh still sucks. Or not. If you think Pittsburgh rocks, well, that’s your choice and I respect it.

See what I did there? I’m learning, too…


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