Demarious Randall – Say What?

Oh, my goodness. New Browns free safety Demarious Randall is swatting a hornet’s nest. We’ve all seen his tweets, which range from promising jerseys to thousands of fans if the Cavaliers win the title to telling us that he’ll be courtside rooting for the hated Golden State Warriors in Cleveland. We’re all just a little disenchanted with the young man who is supposed to be a key part of the Browns new-look secondary.

Who likes the Warriors?

It’s certainly the perception in Cleveland that all Golden State fans are frontrunners who have been recently introduced to the NBA. Randall is from Pensacola, Florida. I’m sure he’s played football in California, but this sure looks like a typical Warriors fan’s connection to the team. Buy a new hat or a jersey and be a part of this all-star team’s fan base. Enjoy your championships.

Cleveland doesn’t work that way

It took most of us years to get over the images of LeBron James wearing a Yankees cap as New York played our hometown Indians. It hurt a lot of us since LeBron grew up in Akron. We may have understood if he was from New York. Maybe. Most of us are born into being Cleveland fans. We don’t ever change teams. We follow our teams for our whole lives. The thought of following a team from another city or state is completely foreign to us. If one of your friends started following another team, they would lose all credibility.

Don’t tell me hello like that.

We don’t even know Demarious Randall yet. Most Cleveland fans know about the high jinx with Josh Gordon last season and not much more. Randall will be moving from cornerback to his natural position of free safety. The Browns already think highly enough of him to have picked up his 2019 option. If he was a proven great player, he would have different expectations. This just doesn’t feel right. It’s like meeting your in-laws for the first time and purposely stomping on their toes.

This could have worked

I don’t think most of us would have a problem with Randall rooting for the Cavs opponent if he would have been less vocal about it. This is one place where don’t ask, don’t tell would actually work. He’ll be in Cleveland for at least two years. How about winning fans over with your play before alienating them by rooting for a rival? Make the Pro Bowl or just help transform this team. Cleveland fans love players who play hard and understand Cleveland. Randall clearly doesn’t get us yet, so he better be bringing it when he straps on his helmet and the orange and brown. If he’s less than great, we’ll have no mercy.

Best of luck, Mr. Randall. Just don’t expect me to pull for the basketball team that you seem to be fond of. This is Cleveland, baby. We follow our teams win or lose.

Image: ESPN

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