Delly’s The Man – Played Perfect Game

I’m impressed.

A guy that I have been hard on for basically this entire season in point guard Matthew Dellavedova. Well, he was incredible against the Denver Nuggets. Known for his scrappy play over the years with the Cavs, Delly shined in how he passed the ball. 14 assists, a career-high, helped propel the squad to a 104-102 win over a very good team.

*Now, I know the photo is his #8 from his previous tenure.

The Nuggets, coming into the game, were 42-20 and 3rd place in The Western Conference.

One might say, “Oh, well Delly only scored seven points the entire game.”  And that’s exactly it…The key is that it came on only four shots (and efficient 3-4 shooting). It’s not like he fired up 20 and clanked 18 of them…

The team played very well after a poor start. Denver actually led by 10, 33-23, after the first quarter.

The Aussie simply seemed to know exactly where all of his teammates where and it showed on the stat sheet. He fed them the rock in the right place at the right time. Clearly, he played a big part in the win and the entire team should be proud of this victory.

No, the Cavs are not going to be in the playoffs this year. However, it’s games like this one against the Nuggets that show, with a couple of additions, this team could be back to contending next year and beyond. Delly can play a part of those teams in more of a passing sense and not a scoring sense.

It’ll be another test with the Spurs (not as good as usual) coming to town on Sunday night. Let’s see if our Cavs can bring the same type of intensity and grab another win. Keep up the great work, coach Bickerstaff!


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