A playoff atmosphere was felt last night in Cleveland. Those last 10 minutes of the fourth quarter were incredible to witness. The Boston Celtics were outplaying the Cavs all night long until the fourth quarter. The Cavs rallied from a 22-point deficit to beat the Boston Celtics 105-104. What a comeback! What a game to remember!

Let’s talk about Dean Wade. The man had some good protein shake or ate his Wheaties or had some good Gatorade because he couldn’t miss in the fourth quarter. He was on a roll. Dean Wade looked like Dwyane Wade out there. He came off the bench and scored 20 of his 23 points in the fourth quarter. He was draining threes and playing with so much confidence.

The Celtics almost escaped with a victory after Jayson Tatum put up a shot and the foul call was called on Darius Garland. But thanks to the instant replay, the call was overturned. The Cavs challenged the call and won. There were 0.7 seconds left to go. During the jump ball, the Celtics won the tip but did not have enough time to get the shot off.

It was a crushing loss for the Celtics. As for the Cavs, this was a win that true warriors deliver. Donovan Mitchell was not active in this game and they did it without him. The Cavs defeated one of the best teams in the league. This should give them confidence if they were to face each other in the playoffs. The Celtics were playing well but it seemed that they took this team for granted or got too comfortable. They went from sharing the ball to playing one on one.

Cavs going on a 32-6 run was Incredible. When they grabbed the lead, it was their first lead of the game since the first quarter.

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