April 14, 2024

I was always a huge supporter of Josh Gordon getting another chance to play in the NFL. I felt that much worse had been done by players currently in the league that ended up receiving much less of a punishment. I believed the stigma behind weed and drugs in general was prevalent in Gordon’s multiple suspensions and that was why he took such a hit, pardon the pun.

With his return this Sunday to starting lineup, I’m actually somewhat disgusted with Josh Gordon when I heard him speak of his past. Doing drugs and drinking can an addiction; it is an illness and it should be respected as such. However, selling over 10k in drugs a year is not that. After hearing Gordon talk about that part of his life, my opinion shifted. It’s an illegal practice that I’m sure every business owner excited for Gordon’s return this Sunday would not hire him for their place of business.

Kids watch the Browns and look up to these guys and it’s bad enough that he was hooked on drugs, but he claims to have recovered from that illness. For that, I give him the utmost respect. But selling is a different story and it teaches young football fans that it’s okay to deal, which is very illegal.

I hate being the buzzkill.

Josh Gordon is such a phenomenal wide receiver. He is probably the Browns’ only chance at winning a game this year and he could help this team tremendously in the future. I am excited to see the football player in him get to lace them up and go out there representing the Browns.

Some will say he was just doing what he could to get his family by. Here’s an idea, Josh. Get a job like the rest of us and don’t resort to selling drugs as a way to make income. That’s a choice, not an illness.

If Commissioner Goodell had known about Josh’s drug dealing in his past, I wonder if his decision to reinstate him into the league would’ve changed? He’s already on such a thin leash, but this is a different type of crime that really disappointed me.

Well, since you’re playing, score a bunch of touchdowns and win us a game. But honestly, Josh, after fighting for you for so long on CLE Sports Talk Twitter, that was the last time. You are on your final straw so make the best of it. You could be the best receiver to ever play the game or just another lost soul walking the streets looking for drugs.

It’s up to you.

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