Deadline Deals – What Moves Can The Guardians Make?


As the trade deadline rapidly approaches, the Guardians are in first place and a contender. They’re hitting well. They play with heart and they are having fun doing it. Getting to the playoffs is an achievable goal. However, the reality is they need a couple of pieces to contend for a World Series. What would an ideal trade look like? Right field may have worked itself out with Noel and Schneemann. Shortstop and a starting pitcher seem to be the biggest needs at this point.

So let’s play the game. The Guardians have a ton of prospects that have high ceilings and are in demand. But the front office is smart. They’re not going to sell the farm to rent a player for a year. They need to be able to control their asset(s) for a couple of years. As it becomes more obvious who’s going to be sellers in the next couple of weeks, let’s have some fun and take a look at what some trades may cost and what the Guards can get in return. 

Toronto Blue Jays – The obvious name that’s flying around social media is Bo Bichette. Bichette is set to make 12 million this season and 17 million next. That may be too rich for the front office. But with David Blitzer hopefully becoming more involved in the coming years. One never knows. 

Bo Bichette (SS) and Yusei Kikuchi (SP) would essentially fill the Guards’ needs. Kikuchi is in the last year of his contract and owed 10 million. He’s 33 years old and a rental. But the task may be somewhat reasonable as opposed to Bichette

-Bichette and Kikuchi for C.J Kayfus, Dayan Frias, Petey Halpin and Alex Mooney. 

Mooney is a plus infielder with great instincts. Halpin would be the key piece in the trade. With a big spring training, he got a lot of notoriety. Kayfus has a high ceiling with great defense. 

Chicago White Sox – The Sox are in a unique situation they have oft-injured talent that poses a risk with long-term deals. Luis Robert Jr. has only played 100 games for one season. Eloy Jimenez is injured more than he’s healthy. Both are intriguing yet have contracts that require more money than the Guardians are willing to risk. 

Miami Marlins – Jesus Luzardo the Marlins starting pitcher is going to demand a lot. A trade may look like Chase DeLauter or Juan Brito, Kahil Watson and Jake Fox. That’s a huge haul for a rental. His five million contract expires this year. He will demand a hefty payday. 

As we look forward to trade deadline action and get excited about the postseason. There will be no shortage of rumors, speculation and guessing games. The bottom line in all this excitement is the Guardians need to make a reasonable move so they can make not just a playoff push, but finally bring Cleveland a long overdue World Series.  

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