The very first meeting between the Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles was in 1950. The best teams of the All-American Football Conference were absorbed into the NFL in a merger. What the owners and commissioner of the NFL decided to do was schedule a “Champion vs. Champion” match-up as the NFL thought that the new teams from the AAFC were inferior to the NFL teams and as a slap in the face to the Browns, the Eagles, Champions of the ’49 season would play the Browns, the last and only Champions of the AAFC.

The Browns would Smack the Eagles in that game, 35-10, and would go on to win the 1950 NFL title that year. This leads us to 70 years later in yet another Browns/Eagles match-up.

The birds came into the “DAWG POUND” leading the NFC East division, which isn’t saying much. The problem for the said birds was that they were facing a Browns pass rush that is very unforgiving. The Browns now lead the all-time series 32-17-1, and with this new era that may not change in the Eagles’ favor any time soon. Now if you’re wondering why this game was important, keep in mind that from last week till’ the end of the season every game on the Browns schedule is a playoff game as they were in a five-way tie for a playoff spot. The other reason that this game was important is that the Browns are showing they can win ugly.

This was the third home game in a row that the Browns have shown that they can play in ugly weather conditions and they can win. In the last three home games, The Browns are 2-1 in that stretch and have won their last two home games in the ugliest weather conditions. This game showcased the Browns punishing rushing attack that features duo Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. Browns linebacker Sione TakiTaki would score the Browns only touchdown of the first half, but in the second half, the Browns would show why this rushing attack is still one of the top ground offenses in the league. Yes, Kareem Hunt would only carry the ball statistically for 11 yards, but he did score the offensive TD the Browns needed. Nick Chubb would carry the ball 20 times for 114 yards. Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield would go 12/22 for 204 yards, no TDs and NO INTs. But in this type of weather game passing TDs weren’t really needed.

The best part about this game was that the league and the AFC North divisions see the same thing I and many Browns fans have been seeing all season. The Browns are coming into form!! Even with defensive end Myles Garrett out because of Covid issues. Olivier Vernon managed to keep the pass rush going with three sacks, one of which resulted in a safety. The Browns defense also managed to get two INTs ( TakiTaki and Ward with one each) which adds to the team’s turnover margin. The Eagles would score a late TD, but in garbage time you can’t count it to the actual game.

With this win and the Ravens losing to the Titans in overtime, the Browns officially move into 2nd place in the division.

Next week the Browns are on the road to face the Jacksonville Jaguars who took a beating by the Steelers, 27-3. The Jags lead the all-time series 12-5-0, with the Jags winning the last meeting, 19-7, back in 2017. The Browns have not beaten the Jags since 2011. If you’ve been watching and actually paying attention to the Browns on the field DO NOT expect the Browns to lose to a 1-9 team. Especially if head coach Kevin Stefanski can help it.

FINAL PREDICTION: Browns turn into poachers and leave with some Jag skin draws!!!. 30-7 BROWNS!!!

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