November 28, 2021

Dawg Check: The Name Change Conundrum

A few years back, my family got a dog. A female golden doodle and such a cute puppy. This was right at the time that the Browns were recovering from the 1-31 disaster stretch of games and Baker Mayfield was just starting to peak as the potential franchise quarterback here in Cleveland.

I was excited and elated for the future of the Browns with our number six leading the charge.

My family chose the name “Bella” for this dog, but I gave her the middle name of “Baker” to honor and reference the quarterback of ours. One that was finally actually good.

*Fast-forward to present day*

Unfortunately, news broke on Wednesday afternoon that Baker Mayfield is out for the Thursday night game against the Denver Broncos with a torn labrum injury. Thus, journeyman quarterback Case Keenum will be the starter for the Browns.

First of all, do people even give a dog a middle name? Like, is that a thing?

I can already hear them saying, “Don’t worry. “It’s only one game and Baker will be back out there against the Steelers on Halloween as the starter once again.”

Regardless, should it be…

Bella Case Shafron


Bella Keenum Shafron

This name change is important because the dog will look and see that it isn’t Baker taking those snaps under center, but instead another quarterback.

Yes, this article is in jest and the dog is going to survive without her beloved namesake out on the field.

However, fans are certainly starting to question Baker Mayfield for the longterm. Like in the, “I’m not naming my dog Baker.” sense as of late. Sure, the former Oklahoma Sooner will have plenty more opportunity to prove himself once he recovers from this gruesome injury. However, the production is going to have to come at some point. Winning cures all…

Before you name your dog you get after a quarterback, remember that things can take a turn for the worst and the name doesn’t just go away. Don’t make the same mistake I did.


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