March 4, 2024

The Cleveland Browns have gone through plenty of ups and downs throughout this season. One of the biggest instances had to be tight end David Njoku. He was involved in a horrific bonfire accident that left him covered in burns.

Dr. Joseph Khouri of University Hospitals said Njoku’s diagnosis was “a 17-18% total body surface area burn of second-degree partial thickness,” which he described as “probably the most painful burn you can have.” – Via People

The craziest part of that entire incident is Njoku actually played in the game that same week against Baltimore on October 1st. It just goes to show the man’s toughness wearing the brown and orange with such pride.

Anyway, the Browns just beat the Chicago Bears at home this past week by a score of 20-17. In this affair, that very same tight end had 10 catches (14 targets) for 104 yards and a touchdown. On the season, Njoku has 69 catches for 704 yards and five touchdowns. It was the most yards in a game this season (second was 91 against the Jaguars).

Of course, it’s a lot easier when Joe Flacco is the quarterback under center calling the shots.

This most recent game against Chicago wasn’t the prettiest of affairs and that’s for sure. The team was barely able to pull off a victory even with the stellar performance by Njoku who was catching everything in sight.

What’s most important moving forward is for Flacco to continue to relinquish Njoku as one of his favorite targets in those crucial plays. Such as third down and distance…

Additionally, all the respect for this guy. He could’ve frankly just said, “Yo I had this accident and I’m done playing the game at least for this year because of it.” Instead, he has continued to play throughout the rest of the season and has become one of the biggest assets to the Browns offense with our new quarterback.

The 9-5 Browns have a lot of work to be done just to even make the playoffs. Games to finish out the season in Houston against the Texans, at home against the Jets and lastly in Cincinnati against the Bengals. Those will be three big ones for sure.

Nobody said this season was going to be easy, right? Njoku is not a joke but is actually feared by opponents and the defenses the Browns face. Let’s continue to see this Flacco/Njoku connection throughout the rest of this season in such crucial matchups moving forward.




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