Darius Garland to join Team LeBron at the All-Star Game

All-Star team captains LeBron James and Kevin Durant drafted their teams live on “NBA on TNT” for the 2022 NBA All-Star game.

Once each leader selected their starting five from the players voted by fans to start on the team, Kevin and LeBron chose their reserves. Early in the reserve selection, LeBron James selected Cleveland guard Darius Garland. However, after picking him, Kevin Durant made known his disappointment as he hoped to choose Darius Garland for his team.

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After the draft was over and the team leaders were asked about potential trades. Kevin Durant only wanted to discuss receiving Darius Garland before finalizing the team structure. However, with Garland in Cleveland, LeBron from the area and the All-Star Game taking place in Cleveland, LeBron wanted to hang on to the talented star.

It was refreshing to see the two leaders and icons appreciate the talent that Darius Garland brings to the table.  It felt like validation for what Cleveland fans already know; Garland is the real deal!  So it was great to see the two make a big deal about their desire to acquire him in the All-Star draft.

Catch Darius Garland in his first All-Star game Sunday, February 20, 2022, as he represents Cleveland in Cleveland!

Photo courtesy of Cleveland Cavaliers Instagram.


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