Darius Garland and Cleveland Cavaliers Agree to Massive Extension

PG Darius Garland and the Cleveland Cavaliers have agreed on a massive extension for Garland to continue his basketball career in Cleveland. The contract is a five-year extension worth $193 million with $231 million total with some certain achievements. This is the largest contract the Cavs have ever done in their team history. The Cavaliers are a young team and are able to now keep one of their centerpieces in Cleveland. This is a successful move for both Cleveland and Garland since the Cavs will be a contender for years to come while Garland can continue to play for the same team he was drafted by.

Garland is only 22 years young and will now be with the Cavs in the prime of his career. In Garland’s past season with the Cavs, he averaged about 21 points and about eight assists on the season. This achievement helped Garland earn him his first-ever All-Star game. Garland has proved in his three years at Cleveland that he can be an All-Star and a difference-maker. Garland helped get the Cavs to the play-in tournament this past 2021-2022 NBA Basketball Season. He has proved that he can be “The Guy” and help the Cavs go on many playoffs runs in the future.

The Cleveland Cavaliers should be excited about this new contract extension that the Cavs offered him. This proves Garland is a loyal team player that can work with the Cavs long-term. Garland, a former first-round draft pick, is hungry for competition and to potentially become one of the NBA’s elite players. Even though it is uncertain what the Cavs may do, it is easy for me to say that there is a bright future for the Cavs and this extension has proved this future. Basketball will be exciting this next season in Cleveland!

Cleveland fans, from one fan to many, many others, how do you feel about this extension and the future to come for the Cavs? Let me know your comments below in the responses to the tweet of this article!

Until next time Cleveland, stay loyal! Let’s Go Cavs!!!

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