D-Wade? Yes, Wade!

Updated: September 25, 2017

If you thought the off-season couldn’t get any crazier, just wait.

Sunday afternoon, Dwyane Wade was bought out by the Chicago Bulls. This move was thought to never happen at one point this off-season until Wade’s teammate Jimmy Butler was traded to Minnesota. Since then, it’s been almost a matter of time until Wade was bought out by the Bulls.

Wade spent last season with the Chicago Bulls; it was kind of like LeBron’s story by going home except Wade’s ended with 41 wins and a first-round exit in the playoffs. Many will look back on Wade’s career and completely ignore the fact that he played for the Bulls last season. Wade had his lowest scoring average since his rookie year, 18.3 points per game, which isn’t that bad, but it’s a huge sign that Wade is regressing. Many thought Wade would regress earlier due to his horrible knees, but he’s stuck it through.

Since Wade has been bought out, there are a couple teams that have surfaced as possible destinations for the veteran. Oklahoma City is one of the more popular places for Wade to go. Carmelo Anthony, who is one of Wade’s friends, was just traded there. But Oklahoma City just doesn’t make sense if Wade wants to start for the team.

The next spot for Wade would San Antonio. The answer for this is easy. No. San Antonio loves to run without the ball and they are constantly pushing the pace throughout the entire game. Wade’s knees would not be able to handle all that moving, especially if he’s not getting the ball.

One of the fan-favorite spots for Wade to go to would be Miami. While this would be storybook-like if he would be able to bring them to contention, it’s just not realistic. Miami has invested in their future and has 129 million dollars invested this season; the 25 million that’s invested into Chris Bosh isn’t helping either. The Heat have seven players locked up with a 10+ million contract through the 2019-20 season. The Heat just can’t give him the role he would want when they already have proven young guards.

Now, finally, there is Cleveland. A team that’s loaded already but could sure use more depth. Cleveland could possibly allow Wade to start for the team and they have his best friend in the entire league on the team, LeBron James. Cleveland has been recruiting Wade since LeBron came back in 2014. Cleveland could sign Wade to a smaller contract due to Wade wanting to win; Miami couldn’t afford Wade and also wouldn’t win when he gets here.

Wade could provide scoring and leadership off the bench or even in the starting lineup. It’s smart for Wade to come and I believe that he will eventually sign with the Cavs after he looks at his options. Wade won’t make much with the Cavs, but he has a distinct chance of winning a championship here.

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